Your perfect assistant to zero-defect analog design

Sometimes great things come with unwanted side effects and we know that analog circuit design is no exception. We are XME and we have made it our business to take care of the eye-rolling, hair-pulling and time-consuming side of things so designers can focus on what really matters: designing today’s complex electronics.

As an automated tool for verification testing our C–FRISK is the perfect assistant to any analog designer as it carries out the tedious job of rigorously testing the analog circuit design. It scours all function blocks to correct errors and simplify, and then automatically redraws the schematics accordingly. It then auto-creates test benches and models for functional simulation. A quicker, easier way to zero-defects.

C–FRISK does the trouble shooting so you can do the problem solving.

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Watch to learn all about C–FRISK – your perfect assistant to zero-defect analog design!

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Microchip technology has come a long way and nowadays it is used virtually everywhere. For example, sensors in cars automatically check several factors like traction, visibility and velocity and react accordingly – making driving safer than ever!
Sometimes, great things come with years of experience and hard engineering. Analog circuit design is no exception: As you probably know, the verification process of designing microchips can be tiring, hair-pulling and time-consuming. Let us introduce the solution to this problem:
C-FRISK is an AI software which automates verification testing, so that you can focus on the important things: designing your microchip.As far as project management goes, through automated project plans, you can save time and money.

So what exactly does C-FRISK do for you? It analyses every single block of an analog microchip and looks for inconsistencies. For every detected error, C-FRISK will offer you possible solutions, enhancements or corrections. With the help of self-learning AI, it corrects errors automatically and simplifies the process. C-FRISK then redraws new schematics to reduce circuit design time. With these new diagrams, it auto-creates test benches and models essential for complete and correct verification.
With C-FRISK you’ll be in control of an entire team of AI avatars, each assigned a different role like modeling engineers, project engineers and many more. If necessary, you can restructure your team or add members if needed. Your virtual team does all the tedious work, making your job much more efficient and rewarding.

C–FRISK does the trouble shooting so you can do the problem-solving.

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C-FRISK is set up as your personal, virtual team of avatars who support your development process – from netlist input to fully verified components.

From day one, your project will be supported by your personal team of avatars. Each avatar carries out specific functions within the standard development process. Their individual AI-capability is tailored to the problem-solving of the task at hand. Some examples:

Should the netlist analysis phase recognise a combinatorial logic block, a modelling avatar will automatically transform it in Verilog for you.

Based on the size and complexity of your netlist, a project planning avatar will assemble all data relevant for an in-depth verification project plan for design other reviews including project duration estimates, Gant charts or task sequencing.

Whenever an amplifying structure is encountered, the verification avatar identifies all relevant inputs and outputs and performs a detailed ac-analysis over the relevant operating points.

Visual of a signal amplifier

Without a-priori information about in/outputs, current levels, voltage supplies, output impedances, enable or disable signals, C–FRISK automatically analyses the amplifier and demonstrates the performance and limitations of its structure. The designer doesn’t have to write any test benches, enter data into a characterisation tool, prepare a plot extraction from a simulation or define optimum current levels for the component.

Other output your avatars will provide you with:

Writing test benchesExtracting net lists
Setting up simulationsSimulating over corners or operating points
Interpreting and correlating dataScaling plots

Your team of C–FRISK avatars is waiting to take over all the tedious jobs, move your design to the next level and free you up for other tasks.

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